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Who We Are

We are one of the UK based fastest growing staffing and Managed Services organisations operating in UK, Europe and in India. BeatMySalary is the trading name of UPBEATIDEAS UK Limited and UPBEATIDEAS Technologies India Private Limited. We are specialists in providing contract and permanent recruitment solutions across many industries.

Our Mission

We aim to facilitate hiring to ensure that the talents, skills, and experience of every candidate are valued and rewarded above all other attributes. We’re also striving to promote ethical, bias-free approaches to hiring.

Core Values

beatmysalary promotes ethical, unbiased hiring, and empowers candidates so that their experience and skills are valued. We align employer’s requirements and job descriptions with each candidate’s aspirations.

Discreteness empowers candidates to be more upfront about who they are and what they want from their next roles. This ensures that they only get offers that suit their skills, experience, and aspirations precisely, providing candidates with a unique personalized job-seeking experience tailored specifically to meet their requirements.


Recruitment Solutions For All

Managed services

We offer our internal talent pool to augment our customer’s staffing requirements or even take up their projects.

Permanent hiring

We understand our customer’s long-term aspirations in recruiting loyal, talented staff for their projects.

Contract hiring

We can offer temporary / contract staffing solutions to meet your immediate specific in a short span of time.

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