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BeatMySalary provides end to end hiring solution

How do we do it?

BeatMySalary with its powerful sourcing tool - attracts hundreds of thousands of candidates and always has an infinite pipeline of talents to tap into when an opportunity or vacancy arises.

With our jobs ranking in top positions within Google and Bing search results, our jobs on the portal does not let anyone go unnoticed

With a highly qualified and professional team, employers can safely reply on BeatMySalary to help them in end to end candidate engagement and sourcing.

With our in house tools, we carry out completely automated online process to help companies onboard candidates digitally, with every bit of footprints recorded and auditable. We not only do the end to end onboarding of candidates for employers, we also provide them with real-time dashboards to monitor progress, so you know exactly when the person is going to join you. We bring the much needed transparency in the onboarding process and cut delays in every step making the whole experience digital and quick

Services we offer

End to End Digital Resourcing Solution:
Digital Resource Outsourcing (DRO)
We understand the sourcing is one of the biggest challenges for any tech companies, driving businesses with a stable staff who are experts in their areas is never easy. BeatMySalary’s Digital Recruitment Outsourcing have a complete solution for these challenges. We not only help you understand your market better, but also help you keep your costs to a minimum. Our own market leading sourcing tools clubbed with expert talent acquisition staff lets us handle your every resourcing challenge. We ensure that you not only hire the right talents but also spend minimum time interviewing them as we do all the leg-work on your behalf. We also share your strategy and vision, get involved in workforce planning and help you understand your attritions. We also have tools that you can use to manage your leavers, talents and every bit of your workforce.
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Executive Search
We operate in 8 countries worldwide and looking to grow the business in over 80 countries worldwide with our fully scalable digital online SAAS solutions and flexible operating model.
With over 250 top companies under our belt, we help you to identify candidates for senior level positions who are otherwise very passive and settled in their current roles.

We use proactive approach to headhunt and do not use any of the traditional methods of sourcing which puts us in the top of the league when it comes to finding you just not an executive, but someone who carries the same vision, mission and goals in their DNA. Its hard, yes we agree, but we will crack it.
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Contract Staffing
Most of the times you will need someone to join you next day or next week. The projects cannot wait, there are burning situations where things needs to move faster than originally anticipated. Also most often we understand that you do not want to invest in training someone but rather have someone hit the ground running from day one.

With thousands of contracts in our network we won't let you down. We will find you someone who is not only an expert in his or her domain, field and area but also someone who can adopt to your workplace and culture. Someone who can add value straight away and start delivering results.

Most of our contractors are specially skilled people having carved their own niche in the market.
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Temporary Staffing
We are specialists in the temp market. We provide you with the best solution allowing you to be more agile and productive in the work you are doing. We not only provide temporary staff, but also ensure that they are happy in their workplace by constantly placing them with different companies for a short period of time giving them that flexibility, agility and exposure.

So it is always a win-win situation when you engage us.
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Permanent Staffing
Every company faces attrition, staff departures, redundancies, internal change in strategy and scope change or team expansion. Most companies plan to have a permanent member of staff who can be a strategic fit to any vacancy that may emerge, however companies take time to get the best person in the market to do the job for them since this is a long term investment. In the short term as a tactical move, they look to hire a contractor or a temporary worker to keep the traction on.

Our staffing solution to fill permanent member of staff is a very comprehensive one. We look into the finer details of the organization such as the work culture, perks, benefits, corporate social responsibility, vision, mission and the company’s strategic roadmap.

We not only find you an expert to rely on but a strategic fit.
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HR & People Solution
Every business has a different HR requirement, the resource needs are different, the working style and requirements are different. Some companies do not require a full time HR staff or a HR department, however they still need some HR work to be done regularly. This is where we pitch in and help in completing any ad-hoc work that you may have. We can also send our HR staff on the premise to share your work-load or work under your brand from a remote location and carry out all the needed work on your behalf. We can work by the hour, days or week or just a one-off.

Give us a call and understand where we could help.
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Project Services
We have teams that can entirely take over any of your existing or new projects and built it for your at a fraction of a cost. We also provide remote project assistance and services without having to invest in an office space, facilities and other infrastructure.

We have placed an entire team on major projects for fortune 500 companies and we are always happy to help.
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Career Job Portal or Internal Job Portals
Most of the companies source candidates through their own career portals. Approximately 26% of all the candidates a company gets are already registered on their career portals which companies do not often recognize. This is because of either poor quality career sites or their inability to offer. We can quickly (in less than a month) build your career portal that is custom to your requirements. We have a number of plug and play modules that we can offer you almost instantly to have your career portal up and running.
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