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ESB developer at Consulting

Job link
Experience desired
7 years
Salary Offered
£ 300 Per Day
Job type
almost 2 years ago
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Primary skills
ESB developer, DataPower, JSON, XML, XSLT, SOAP, WSDL, MPGW
Secondary skills
Will provide by the Client.
Job description
  1. Good understanding of the different integration patterns using DataPower.
  2. Good knowledge about JSON, XML, XSLT, JS, SOAP, REST, WSDL with development experience.
  3. Working experience with developing MPGW(Multi-Protocol Gateways) and configuring policy rules within MPGW.
  4. Implementing security profile rules for integration with other systems over MQ and HTTP.
  5. Debugging DataPower related issues using a probe and managing other logging related properties.
  6. Technical low level design based on the high-level solution design (Integration framework is already defined so the technical design should adhere to that).
  7. Coordinating with different teams for defining interface contracts and defining the scope of changes needed in the integration layer.
  8. Hands-on development/enhancement of IIB flows, SQL, message sets etc. Also, the basic Oracle knowledge required.
  9. Implementation of unit test cases using IBM RIT and creating build artefacts.
  10. Good understanding of MQ and DataPower and knowledge about JIRA to handle software development cycle.
  11. Should be able to contribute individually from technical design till delivery to PROD.
Message to candidate

Must be eligible to work in the UK/EU and no sponsorship will be provided.

  • Proven experience
  • No CCJs
  • Fully completed applications

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