Beat My Salary is a personalized online recruiting platform that matches candidates with jobs based on their experience and skills.

Job hunters fill in a simple registration form. Beat My Salary then sends them employment opportunities that suit their skill sets and experience. No CVs, cover letters, or applications required.

To increase their employment opportunities, candidates can fill in and store up to five separate application cards. They can tailor each card quickly and easily to showcase different primary and secondary skill sets. Anonymity enables job seekers to apply for different positions with the same company, boosting their chances of getting an offer.

Beat My Salary gives recruiters and employers access to a pool of curated candidates that are likely to respond to offers. This time-saving approach is more effective than posting jobs, waiting for applications, then reviewing CVs.

Our Mission

We aim to facilitate hiring to ensure that the talents, skills, and experience of every candidate are valued and rewarded above all other attributes. We’re also striving to promote ethical, bias-free approaches to hiring.

Core Values

Beat My Salary promotes ethical, unbiased hiring, and empowers candidates so that their experience and skills are valued. The platform aligns job descriptions with each candidate’s aspirations.

Discreteness empowers candidates to be more upfront about who they are and what they want from their next roles. This ensures that they only get offers that suit their skills, experience, and aspirations precisely, providing candidates with a unique personalized job-seeking experience tailored specifically to meet their requirements.

Journey So Far

Our journey has been fantastic so far. Since launching Beat My Salary in 2015, the response to our platform has been overwhelming. We're serving over 220 Tier 1 companies, including Amazon, Walmart, Target, IBM, and Accenture. As we continue to expand, we look forward to helping more candidates land their dream jobs, and to helping more recruiters meet their hiring goals in a way this is fast and even fun.